The Six Month Engagement

As the average age of today’s bride creeps up, the length of engagement seems to be shrinking at the same rate.  Increasingly, I find myself working with couples who are planning a 10, six or even four month engagement.

And it’s totally possible, y’all. I did it, with little to no wedding planning experience (my husband I married shortly before I immersed myself in the wedding industry), and you can as well.

When directed to helpful wedding websites and blogs for a “planning timeline” the bride is faced with the usual 12-18 month planning spreadsheet. Well, that’s an awesome way to start things off… 6 months or more behind.  What a great way to spend your engagement – just catching up.

Endless blog posts scream how you can still “pull off” a “short” engagement… and “overcome” a “whirlwind” timeline. Talk about creating panic in the heart of a new bride!

Let’s look at the pros and cons of a shorter engagement, instead of focusing on how “behind” you will be if you choose this route. Continue reading


Pretty Things.. and another photo shoot

Wedding Photography Inspiration!  All pictures by Mandee Rae. Here is her website. Today I am hooked on the idea of a post-wedding photo shoot. And all things Mandee Rae, apparently.

The couple was wed at Canterwood (remember the brunch wedding write up I did in November?) But did a post-wedding photo shoot around our little town of Gig Harbor, Washington. Continue reading

Sweet Table!

This was a display we did for a memorial a few weeks back (oddly enough).  They wanted a very upbeat event, so we thought we would have a little fun with these assorted cupcakes. I literally walked around the kitchen at work grabbing things – look around your space – what can you repurpose to create a one of a kind food display?

Untitled design.png

baking sheets loosely lined with parchment paper, baking rings, a large rolling pin and powdered sugar made this display stand out. I don’t recommend the whole cinnamon sticks… people thought they were snacks!!

Happy Planning!


Quick Tips: Understanding the Acronyms

So you FIL2B doesn’t like your BM’s GF who happens to be your MOH because she was rude to the MOG at the E-Party?

Eeep.  Navigating the new language spoken by the wedding world can be quite frustrating at first.  It seems like everyone – from your florist, recently married friends, online blog communities and pinterest are using acronyms and speaking their own dialect of “wedding-speak.”

Hopefully this list can help you navigate the waters!

Basic Prefixes:

S =Sister, B = Brother, M = Mother, F = Father

G = Groom, B = Bride, H = Husband, W = Wife

OOT = Out Of Town (Guests, Gift Bags, Reception, etc)

Basic Suffixes:

“IL” = in law suffix (SIL = sisterin law, BIL = brother in law, etc..)

OG, OB = Of the Bride, Of the Groom (FOB = Father of the Bride)

Other Prefixes:

D = Dear/Darling (as in DH = Darling Husband)

F is also used to mean “Future,” so FFIL = Future Father In Law

Misc Crazy Talk:

JP = Justice of the Peace

STDs = Save The Dates (I promise!)

MUA = makeup artist

WP/WV = Wedding Planer, Wedding Venue

RB = Ring Bearer

FG = Flower Girl

JB = Junior Bridesmaid

MOH = Maid or Matron of Honor

BM = Best Man

SIL, BIL, MIL, FIL – Sister, Brother, Mother, Father in law

FOB, FOG, MOB, MOG, SOB, SIG = Father of the Bride, Father of the Groom, Mother of the Bride, etc, etc, 

Hope this helps! Feel free to add your own in the comments!







Quick Tips: Put a Bustle On It.

Hello and Happy Wedding Planning!

heyweddinglady bustle.jpg


Today I have a quick tip for you from the realm of wedding planning, in regards to your wedding dress bustle.

Take a picture of that shit and send it to your MOH.

You will thank me 30 seconds before your grand entrance.

Seriously.  When you go in for your final fitting and bustle practice, take a picture and send it to your MOH.  Shoot, send it to me, I don’t mind.  You WILL forget where all the tiny little loops (clearly made by tiny little vindictive elves) are and how it is supposed to look. And you certainly won’t have your celly tucked into your brassiere on your wedding day (it’s NOT a purse!).

Or else… I will have my hands where the sun don’t shine, using pliers and a bobby pin to make your dress look something like what the seamstress promised was an “easy two-step bustle,” because your MOH, mom and well-meaning auntie have already gotten into the champagne.  But, sigh, I am more than happy to help =)



Friday Favorites: Groomsmen Gifts

(aka great Christmas gifts for the boys in your life, come to think of it…)

Clockwise from top left…

Meister watches – I am a huge fan, as is my husband.  This was his gift to his boys on our wedding day.

Glenfiddich’s new Bourbon Barrel Reserve 14 year scotch whiskey – with hints of vanilla, brown sugar, and pear, this is perfect for whiskey and scotch drinkers – and everyone in between!

It seems like men are also candle lovers – just maybe not the vanilla honeysuckle scented variety.  These handsome glassy babies are manly yet elegant – much better then that Glade candle he has on his night stand.  Also works as a great change collector… This aptly named “Master of the Universe” version is bound to crack a smile.

Seattle’s own Anchorhead Coffee Co will cover all your coffee needs – whole beans, cold brew, read to drink options. Headed up by two Art Institute graduates (that are both still under 30, BTW) – this edgy take on quality coffee beats Starbucks gift cards any day.

I’ve brought up wooden coin banks before (they just look SO good, and are practical!). But here is another one I have found.

I know, it’s another watch, but I ADORE giving watches as gifts – this is Meister’s little brother line, “Prodigy.” I almost want one for myself!

Calling all gym rats! This smart jump rope by Tangram Factory combines geeky tech (like an automatic jump counter displayed through an LED light on the ground in front of you), and sophisticated cool (smooth silver handles). Geeky + Sophisticated + Gym-my = Happy Man.

Sipping Rum – like Kraken.


Trakdot’s luggage tracker – for the jet-setting men in your group.  Better than a piece of holiday ribbon tied on your suitcase, this gadget tracks your luggage and communicates through email or text as to its location.

Happy Shopping!



DIY Painted Bottles

Ooh! How I love these centerpieces from Cece & Ryan’s Wedding this past summer!! The fabulous bride spent a year gathering various bottles (wine bottles, liquor bottles, milk bottles, vinegar / olive oil bottles, even jars would work!) and painted them to match her vintage-romantic-bling wedding.

I love her use of ombre colors – easier to bring all your ideas together, rather then trying to match that EXACT shade of plum…

Wash & dry the bottles thoroughly, the simply paint your favorite colors on the outside.  You could also spray paint the bottles for a smoother finish, however, I simply adore the little brush strokes that you can see on these pieces.  Any paint will work, but a milk-paint or chalk-paint will give you that matte, boho (rustic) look.


Variations (I have tested all three techniques mentioned in the blog and they all have lovely results that fit an array of styles):

starbucks painted lattes

From Pinterest: Use glass milk containers and masking tape for a more intricate design like this DIY bride did (link to original pin here) in the picture above.  In this case, the crafter smoothed out the brush strokes, which fits the style better.  More latex in the paint should help with this.


Looking for that glassy-baby, candy glass look? Pour paint inside the bottles and swirl around until completely coated. Glassy baby picture from website, link to tutorial as shown in picture here.


Want faux mercury glass? Spray the inside of the bottle with a 50/50 vinegar/water mix, so the glass looks sweaty, spray paint Krylon’s “Looking Glass” mirror spray paint on the wet beads and allow to day. Good pinterest tutorial here

On paper, teal and gold might not seem like a good fit, however, in person? A new favorite – a stunning combination.


Congratulations to this happy couple and thank you, thank you, thank you for the DIY inspiration!


Quick Tips: Cake Cutting Sets

Hello and Happy Wedding Planning!

Today’s quick tip should be read BEFORE you buy that $80 Vera Wang cake cutting set (or… *GASP* the $12 one from Michael’s).

Save. Your. Money.

You read me right…. don’t buy that fancy cake cutting set.  You are going to do one of the following:

(A) Forget to bring it to your wedding venue and have your poor bridesmaid skip getting her hair done so she can race to your apartment (that kinda looks like a wedding bomb went off in it, BTDub), and NOT EVEN FIND IT.  Which will result in….

(B) Having to buy the LAST ONE from Michaels’ (looks like crap and was clearly returned by another bride last week)


(C) You won’t ever use it again.  Even at Thanksgiving.  Because they are just too special.  If you even remember to bring it home.

Just borrow one of mine.  Seriously.  Every wedding venue has at least 60 extras.

Untitled design.jpg

Spend the $80 on Champagne Flutes with your initials monogrammed instead. KIDDING! Skip that too.  Now you have $120 to spend on the extra 30 minutes of DJ time, a personalized guest book / guest book photo, the bar, alterations, SHOES. Or just come in $120 under budget.

Of course, if you already bought a set, promise me you will use it after your wedding.  Please?  Bring it out at every birthday and use it to cut the cake.  Use it at Christmas to slice the chocolate yule log, and carve your Thanksgiving turkey with it.  Make it part of a family tradition, not a dust collector in a drawer.


Quick Tips: Your Feet WILL Hurt

Hello and Happy Wedding Planning!

I am one of those girls that can wear heels for 12 hours and not complain.  My feet get a little sore, but nothing unmanageable. You might think the same thing.  You wear heels to work, to the club, of vacuuming around your house, whatevs.

But, on your wedding day, those brand new, sexy little heels you bought at a sample sale? They will be the work of the devil by dinner service.

Have a backup pair of shoes you feel good about changing into.

tieks.jpg(tieks pictured above)

Trust me.  From your beat up navy converse (you rebel!), your favorite cowgirl boots (so YOU) or these spendy tieks (gahhhh, I friggin LOVE tieks!)… having a backup pair of shoes is realistic and smart.  Because walking around barefoot at a wedding venue is icky (and dangerous, hello glass in your foot!)