Quick Tips: Put a Bustle On It.

Hello and Happy Wedding Planning!

heyweddinglady bustle.jpg


Today I have a quick tip for you from the realm of wedding planning, in regards to your wedding dress bustle.

Take a picture of that shit and send it to your MOH.

You will thank me 30 seconds before your grand entrance.

Seriously.  When you go in for your final fitting and bustle practice, take a picture and send it to your MOH.  Shoot, send it to me, I don’t mind.  You WILL forget where all the tiny little loops (clearly made by tiny little vindictive elves) are and how it is supposed to look. And you certainly won’t have your celly tucked into your brassiere on your wedding day (it’s NOT a purse!).

Or else… I will have my hands where the sun don’t shine, using pliers and a bobby pin to make your dress look something like what the seamstress promised was an “easy two-step bustle,” because your MOH, mom and well-meaning auntie have already gotten into the champagne.  But, sigh, I am more than happy to help =)