Part 3! Expert Panel: Wedding Poses Photographers Love

Part THREE! In which we discuss kissy faces, sexy anticipation and squished noses.

Everyone loves a good couple-kissing picture.  The trick is nailing your kiss without it seeming forced or an overshare (Hello! No tongue!).  These images show how to capture the perfect kiss-pic… and how stunning the almost-kiss-pic can be.

The Cute Kiss: Firstlight Photography has this to say about the quintessential Seattle shot below,

first light 6

“This couple was married in a loft above Post Alley.  We take to the streets and give the couple simple direction.  In an urban setting we find couples tend to be more spontaneous.  And we simply love the background Target shopper gawkers!”

Sometimes strangers in the background can add so much to a picture – look how these people stopped on a dime when they saw this darling couple kissing in the alley.  I wonder if they talked about getting married in the big city as they continued down the street.  And the couple is so cleary oblivious to the passers-by existence, distracted by fresh love and the joy of just getting married.  Love!

The Fun Kiss: Jenny Storment’s engagement session with this couple shows how stinking cute they are.  (Fair disclosure, this couple is one of my summer weddings this year!).  She captured just how young, fun, cute and in love they are.  The squished noses made me say, “Awwwww” out loud when I saw it.

engagement photos by Jenny Storment Photography-1


The Epic (almost) Kiss: This engagement photograph by Jenny Storment sparked my interest immediately.  I am an Amazon, and a shot like this allows for the traditional “looking up into your groom’s eyes” picture when height may be an issue.

engagement photos by Jenny Storment Photography-5

This particular couple has a more traditional height ration (man is taller then woman) – but it would work marvelously for a couple where the bride is pushing the groom’s height.  (No, I do not think tall girls need to hide or disguise their height in every picture.) It’s also a nice showcase of how powerful a silhouetted picture can be.


The Anticipation of a Kiss: Kier of Firstlight Photography touches on a great point, regarding this picture below.  The brides had an engagement shoot with Firstlight, so  they were already acquainted with the photographers on the wedding day. This shot came naturally.

firstlight 3

“As photographers we always recommend an engagement session because by the wedding our couples are used to shooting with us.  We like to suggest poses and then stand back and let the couple do what they do best.  We call this photographing them in their natural habitat.”

Personally, I like that they are just about to kiss.  Having every single shot of a couple making kissy faces can get a bit stiff.  I feel that this about-to-kiss shot is more intimate.  You can almost feel the anticipation and sparks in the air!


The “Caught You!” Kiss: This picture below, by Jenny Storment, shows the strength of the groom’s arm against a rocky and hard (yet beautiful) landscape.  However, as strong as the groom appears – the bride is centered in the picture, and is slightly more elevated, nicely showing the balancing the “power” in a relationship.

engagement photos by Jenny Storment Photography-9

It’s another nose-squisher – which I L.O.V.E. because I think faces should touch when kissing. It’s more intimate, natural, and connected. This also shows that looking at the camera is not always needed – it’s as if we caught this couple kissing innocently in the woods.

Another Epic (almost) Kiss: Awww man this pic still gives me goosebumps! Taken in mid November, on a freezing cold and rainy night, Jenny Storment perfectly captured this intimate moment in an epic way. I love the groom’s rail straight posture and how his is pulling his wife into him for the kiss.

111415 taylor and kameron jenny storment10

Here’s another stolen kiss (below)- this time by Jessica Janae. Notice how the groom is forced to tilt his head up towards the bride? That’s an angle you do not see as often.

jessica jane kissing

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