Expert Panel: Wedding Poses Photographers Love

SHUT IT DOWN, Y’ALL! I have the best group of photographer buddies right now. Read on to discover their favorite poses and why they positioned couples the way they did.   I whipped off an email yesterday, asking for help, and they came through!!

**I received so many submissions, that I have made this a four part post. Keep an eye over the next week for parts 2, 3 and 4! No empty promises here! I already wrote everything! HAHA!**

Today’s Topic? “To Touch or Not To Touch” It’s very natural for couples to want be attached to one another during an engagement session or wedding day shooting.  It’s part “OhMyGod I love you soooo much!” and part, “I am so uncomfortable, hold me close and let’s hope this is over soon.”

If the “OMG I love you” factor is captured, the shots can be simply stunning, romantic and will convey the couple’s love for years to come. On the other hand, separating the couple can highlight the individuality of each person, and the strength their love has, even when not touching.  Like when an electric current jumps a wire – you can practically see the sparks in some of these photos.

Reflecting on this picture (below), Robbie of RC Media commented,


“I love this pose because is strong. It’s like the bride is saying, ‘he’s mine’ and the groom is like, ‘yup, that’s right!’.”

I like how comforatable the groom loks with his hands in his pockets and relaxed shoulders.  BOYS! Take note of this groom here! Do. Not. Let. Your. Ears. Eat. Your. Shoulders. See how nice he looks? Be this groom. For Pete’s sake.

Below is an Jenny Storment engagement photo with another couple touching, however, this time the bride and groom positioning is switched.

engagement photos by Jenny Storment Photography-2

This one really interested me, because I realized that they were at some sort of part (see the houses in the background?) – but it shows you don’t have to hike off into the wilderness to capture a natural moment. The warmth of the sunshine, water moving in the background and the couple’s comfortable embrace proves that an idyllic meadow in the boonies is not needed for great engagement or wedding shots.

Firstlight Photography sent this one over.  Notice how we have split the difference here –  yes, our brides are touching, but only at two small junctures.  They are mostly separated (although, it looks like they can hardly bear to be apart!)

firstlight 5.jpg

“The wedding location is definitely part of the story so we like to compose photos around key features.  The bridge perspective helps focus in on the heart the couple has formed. It also shows off their spectacular gowns.”

Awww, I just noticed the heart!!


Jessica Janae’s photograph below is harder to get a read on – you can’t quite tell if they are touching, and to what extent. Our groom has the tiniest of smiles – is he goosing our bride?  To me, this picture conveys the strength this couple has – a powerful, yet intimate shot of a non-touching couple.

jessica janae not touching


I went into the archives for this picture by AiP, below.  Here, the couple is leaning together, but both looking off into the distance with joy and anticipation.  It’s a nice full-face angle, without the dead-on stare.

Anastaisha Kris-671

This is another classic from our archives (below).  In this non-touching shot, the bride playfully looks over her shoulder at an adoring groom.  Nice use of a prop here – look how the sun illuminated the parasols this late afternoon.


Life-at-a-Glance captured this black and white playful image.  You don’t need to see the bride’s face in this one – her smile is reflected in the groom’s! Here, their shared gaze connected them, while their bodies are separated.

jesse and wade life at a glance photography8.jpg

Jessica Jane captured our Downtown Tacoma couple again in this shot below – here they are not touching at all. By facing the couple away from each other, cutting off contact, and putting them on different elevations, you are left with an almost unsettled feeling.  Not uncomfortable, but you stare at the image longer.   Her hand is thisclose to his shoe, and they are joined as husband and wife, yet completely independent. What are they each looking at?

not touching jessica janae

More to come… tomorrow I think… this is fun project!

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