Pretty Things.. and another photo shoot

Wedding Photography Inspiration!  All pictures by Mandee Rae. Here is her website. Today I am hooked on the idea of a post-wedding photo shoot. And all things Mandee Rae, apparently.

The couple was wed at Canterwood (remember the brunch wedding write up I did in November?) But did a post-wedding photo shoot around our little town of Gig Harbor, Washington.


The blanket on Hope’s shoulders is from her chilly morning wedding ceremony. I **think** she got them at West Elm.

Having a second, off-site, photo shoot is perfect to incorporate a second type of scenery into your pictures.  While the couple was wed at a lovely golf course, these foggy harbor shots are impossible to get on a fairway or green.  By having two photo sessions, they got the best of both worlds – and some local charm by way of quaint and quiet little net shed.

hope and tyler net shed 2

Of course, this is easier to pull off if you have a morning reception.  But why not get back in your dress the day after your wedding for a few more pictures?  It’s the perfect chance to capture some relaxed and unexpected pictures.

I wish my eyebrows were that perfectly expressive.

hope and tyler cover

Happy Planning!