Quick Tips: Cake Cutting Sets

Hello and Happy Wedding Planning!

Today’s quick tip should be read BEFORE you buy that $80 Vera Wang cake cutting set (or… *GASP* the $12 one from Michael’s).

Save. Your. Money.

You read me right…. don’t buy that fancy cake cutting set.  You are going to do one of the following:

(A) Forget to bring it to your wedding venue and have your poor bridesmaid skip getting her hair done so she can race to your apartment (that kinda looks like a wedding bomb went off in it, BTDub), and NOT EVEN FIND IT.  Which will result in….

(B) Having to buy the LAST ONE from Michaels’ (looks like crap and was clearly returned by another bride last week)


(C) You won’t ever use it again.  Even at Thanksgiving.  Because they are just too special.  If you even remember to bring it home.

Just borrow one of mine.  Seriously.  Every wedding venue has at least 60 extras.

Untitled design.jpg

Spend the $80 on Champagne Flutes with your initials monogrammed instead. KIDDING! Skip that too.  Now you have $120 to spend on the extra 30 minutes of DJ time, a personalized guest book / guest book photo, the bar, alterations, SHOES. Or just come in $120 under budget.

Of course, if you already bought a set, promise me you will use it after your wedding.  Please?  Bring it out at every birthday and use it to cut the cake.  Use it at Christmas to slice the chocolate yule log, and carve your Thanksgiving turkey with it.  Make it part of a family tradition, not a dust collector in a drawer.