Part 2! Expert Panel: Wedding Poses Photographers Love

We are Holding Hands today, people! So put on the hand lotion, and grab a seat.

this is the second part of my Expert Panel: Wedding Poses Photographers Love.

When it comes to wedding photography, holding hands shows a couples connection and unification. Here is a round up of a few shots that showcase different ways to hold hands in your wedding and engagement pictures.

RCMedia submitted this picture (below), that shows two very comfortable grooms, standing apart, yet connected by hands and conversation.  Very natural hands in pockets here!


“Simple is sometimes best. A nice separated hand hold while looking at one another is all you need.”

This photographic duo is genius when it comes to dark and stormy skies! I could write an entire post on how RCMedia captures the PNW skies brilliantly!

Walking and talking and holding hands – believe it or not, this is a very difficult shot to capture for a photographer!  Practicing “looking natural” during an engagement shot, will make capturing a moment like this much easier on your wedding day.  Here’s a photograph by Jenny Storment that shows a couple during their engagement session:engagement photos by Jenny Storment Photography-4.jpg

I love the woman leading the man in this one! And he is just fine with following her.

Love in an Elevator: Look at what great lighting and contrast that this pre-ceremony picture has to offer.  The rough symmetry of the poses, and similarity of their appearance (white lace dress, dark curls, ink, bouquets) makes their individuality stand out even more (face angled away and to the camera, small dress details, lipstick shades).  Firstlight Photography said this about the elevator picture below,

firstlight 2

“We also love staging clever poses when couples don’t want to see each other until the walk down the aisle.  Couples want the pre-wedding documented and this is a fun way to do this.”


In this picture, Jenny Storment shows hand holding while lying down shows connection and comfort – especially when paired with this flannel blanket. The couple is in no hurry to go anywhere else but here.

engagement photos by Jenny Storment Photography-7.jpg

How amazing would this be if the couple was in full wedding regalia? A lacy white dress against a rough blanket?

Another Jenny Storment photograph – this time of a couple moments before their grand entrance.  Note the comfortable hand holding and whisper they are sharing.

111415 taylor and kameron jenny storment2.jpg

Make sure to ask your photographer to capture candid “private” moments like this one (above).

American Gothic: Another epic shot from RCMedia,RcMEDIA-2

” We call this pose ‘American gothic’. As much as we like the romantic shots, we also like the big, epic, ‘we are here to take over the world’ type shots too.”

Ummm can we also take a moment to catch our breath that was taken away by the perfect sun-glow? I’m sure this was an evening shot, but something about the warmth makes me wonder if it was sunrise? Was this strong couple up before dawn to take on the world? I can hardly get to hot yoga before dawn, and these two got married and took wedding pictures?? What am I DOING with my life?? j/k… but you can see it’s a very inspirational picture.


Here’s another variation of the American Gothic – with a more journalistic style, and with lovely black and white tones. Jessica Janae took this picture in Downtown Tacoma. Because of the lines of the bride’s dress, the couple can stand closer together, without any overlap, other than their hands.

tay tay stairs


More to come… I think tomorrow we will talk about kissy faces!

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