DIY Painted Bottles

Ooh! How I love these centerpieces from Cece & Ryan’s Wedding this past summer!! The fabulous bride spent a year gathering various bottles (wine bottles, liquor bottles, milk bottles, vinegar / olive oil bottles, even jars would work!) and painted them to match her vintage-romantic-bling wedding.

I love her use of ombre colors – easier to bring all your ideas together, rather then trying to match that EXACT shade of plum…

Wash & dry the bottles thoroughly, the simply paint your favorite colors on the outside.  You could also spray paint the bottles for a smoother finish, however, I simply adore the little brush strokes that you can see on these pieces.  Any paint will work, but a milk-paint or chalk-paint will give you that matte, boho (rustic) look.


Variations (I have tested all three techniques mentioned in the blog and they all have lovely results that fit an array of styles):

starbucks painted lattes

From Pinterest: Use glass milk containers and masking tape for a more intricate design like this DIY bride did (link to original pin here) in the picture above.  In this case, the crafter smoothed out the brush strokes, which fits the style better.  More latex in the paint should help with this.


Looking for that glassy-baby, candy glass look? Pour paint inside the bottles and swirl around until completely coated. Glassy baby picture from website, link to tutorial as shown in picture here.


Want faux mercury glass? Spray the inside of the bottle with a 50/50 vinegar/water mix, so the glass looks sweaty, spray paint Krylon’s “Looking Glass” mirror spray paint on the wet beads and allow to day. Good pinterest tutorial here

On paper, teal and gold might not seem like a good fit, however, in person? A new favorite – a stunning combination.


Congratulations to this happy couple and thank you, thank you, thank you for the DIY inspiration!