Part 4! Expert Panel: Wedding Poses Photographers Love

Whew! We made it! This is the fourth and final installment of our expert photographer series on Wedding Day poses and positioning.  Thank you SO much to RCMedia, Firstlight Photography and Jenny Storment for quickly answering my call for help and sharing these beautiful pictures.

Let’s finish up this project with some “back of the dress” shots.  We all know you want a picture of the back of your wedding dress.  Its a classic shot that most photographers will try to capture.  The bride standing on a bridge, facing away from the camera, eyes cast down… we’ve seen that one a million times.  Check out how these photographers captured the back of the gown without seeming contrived or clunky.

When taking this picture (below), Robbie of RCMedia said,


“Sometimes separation is best. The couple doesn’t also need to be touching, kissing, holding etc. This is another strong/sassy type pose.”

It’s also a great “back of the dress” shot without having that stiff “back of the dress” pose. Also, check out the composition – the groom is center while the bride is not. Is it a picture of the dress? Or the groom?

For this back-of-the-dress picture, Firstlight Photography captured the emotion of the bride.  It’s almost a lonely shot (see how the people in the background of the mirror are busy and not looking at her?) It’s a moment of reflection while she is embarking on a new journey. Firstlight said this;

firstlight 1

“Getting ready photos happen at the time when brides are anxious and sentimental all at the same time.  This pose documents the dress as well as the tone and the anticipation of what is nearing.  This is when we get some of the most emotion filled and thoughtful expressions. “

I also really like how the bottom of the dress is arranged – not perfectly stretched out, yet not a rumpled mess! Kudos to Firstlight’s Mitzi… I am sure she had a hand in that!

Here’s another back of the dress picture, below – provided by Shelli at Life-at-a-Glance Photography. It perfectly captures the bond that these women have with one another, yet highlights that they are all very different.

jesse and wade life at a glance photography

I appreciate that we can see everyone’s bouquet and hair, and that the photographer did not force them to link arms.See how the bride’s dress is slightly askew? I can almost feel the warm summer’s breeze that must have ruffled it.

Our last picture today is by Jessica Janae, and shows the energy that a little wind can bring to a shot.  Not just the soft breeze like our bride above, the picture below shows a down-right gust of wind.  I want to run up the stairs and race towards the reception with this couple, don’t you? The excitement is tangible. Note how even the groom’s foot is in motion.

jessica janae back of the dress

I hope you have seen a few nice poses or positions to inspire your wedding-day photography! Thank you for reading =)

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Happy Planning!