Quick Tips: Your Feet WILL Hurt

Hello and Happy Wedding Planning!

I am one of those girls that can wear heels for 12 hours and not complain.  My feet get a little sore, but nothing unmanageable. You might think the same thing.  You wear heels to work, to the club, of vacuuming around your house, whatevs.

But, on your wedding day, those brand new, sexy little heels you bought at a sample sale? They will be the work of the devil by dinner service.

Have a backup pair of shoes you feel good about changing into.

tieks.jpg(tieks pictured above)

Trust me.  From your beat up navy converse (you rebel!), your favorite cowgirl boots (so YOU) or these spendy tieks (gahhhh, I friggin LOVE tieks!)… having a backup pair of shoes is realistic and smart.  Because walking around barefoot at a wedding venue is icky (and dangerous, hello glass in your foot!)