Friday Favorites: Groomsmen Gifts

(aka great Christmas gifts for the boys in your life, come to think of it…)

Clockwise from top left…

Meister watches – I am a huge fan, as is my husband.  This was his gift to his boys on our wedding day.

Glenfiddich’s new Bourbon Barrel Reserve 14 year scotch whiskey – with hints of vanilla, brown sugar, and pear, this is perfect for whiskey and scotch drinkers – and everyone in between!

It seems like men are also candle lovers – just maybe not the vanilla honeysuckle scented variety.  These handsome glassy babies are manly yet elegant – much better then that Glade candle he has on his night stand.  Also works as a great change collector… This aptly named “Master of the Universe” version is bound to crack a smile.

Seattle’s own Anchorhead Coffee Co will cover all your coffee needs – whole beans, cold brew, read to drink options. Headed up by two Art Institute graduates (that are both still under 30, BTW) – this edgy take on quality coffee beats Starbucks gift cards any day.

I’ve brought up wooden coin banks before (they just look SO good, and are practical!). But here is another one I have found.

I know, it’s another watch, but I ADORE giving watches as gifts – this is Meister’s little brother line, “Prodigy.” I almost want one for myself!

Calling all gym rats! This smart jump rope by Tangram Factory combines geeky tech (like an automatic jump counter displayed through an LED light on the ground in front of you), and sophisticated cool (smooth silver handles). Geeky + Sophisticated + Gym-my = Happy Man.

Sipping Rum – like Kraken.


Trakdot’s luggage tracker – for the jet-setting men in your group.  Better than a piece of holiday ribbon tied on your suitcase, this gadget tracks your luggage and communicates through email or text as to its location.

Happy Shopping!