People I Crush On: Jessica Janae

A friend of mine got married last fall and has the most AMAZING photographer (and a simply stunning venue).  Let’s drool shall we?

The first picture you are seeing is of our little town here – Gig Harbor, Washington, as taken by Jessica Janae. (as are all the pictures in today’s blog!)

But let’s move on to wedding things, yes?

The venue was Stadium High School in Tacoma (featured in the movie Ten Things I Hate About You).taytay ceremony kiss


tay tay stairs

When I asked the bride to see her pictures, I was stunned at the quality of work that her photographer had to offer.  So this week I am hooked on all things Jessica Janae.  I poked through her blog a bit and she has QUITE the portfolio.  Go see for yourself. She has a nice blog write up about this wedding (with a crapton of stunning pictures).

tay tay with maids

Tay pulled herself together a nice little shindig – don’t you think? Food trucks, Italian lighting, wooden chairs from Oregon, a late night movie and blankets, I literally squealed and clapped my hands with every detail she shared with me.

tay tay movies

Thank you for the inspiration ladies!  You have given me a few ideas for this summer!!


Happy planning