People I Crush On: Young House Love

I don’t often recommend blogs that are no longer actively-updated to my clients – Young House Love it the one exception.  Started in 2007, this quirky couple tackles house improvement projects with courage, laughter and a fresh, bright approach.

ysl direct capture family pic.jpg

I fell in love with Sherri and John when I was planning my own wedding.  My Aunt sent me a link to their blog – specifically the post about their backyard wedding.

ysl wedding directly captured

This was in 2010, and I have not stopped reading them since.  Fun fact: Sherri’s dress inspired me to also have a short dress – and how to dress for your venue (ballgown on a beach / in a  backyard…. doesn’t work so well…)

YHL wedding main pic

This blog is a goldmine for home improvement projects, written in a easy to read, down to earth tone.

It also touches on a difficult labor, the work/life balance struggle and other “real life” topics. Don’t be alarmed that they aren’t currently bogging.  The site is well maintained with updates from the couple occasionally, and has seemingly endless projects for any skill level.